Saturday, October 30, 2010

DIY Save-the-Date cards... done!

I am happy to announce that the first round of wedding stationary is complete. I made 50 cards to hold my save-the-date magnets. They are only slightly different from my original design. The front is exactly the same, in place of the little poem on the inside, I provided guests with hotel and rental car information. I decided to give this information to guests in written form just in case some one is not able to look at the wedding website. It also gives me a chance to emphasize the fact that only a limited number of hotel rooms are available due to the popularity of our wedding date.

I used three different shades of purple cardstock for my cards. My original intention was to purchase identical shades of cardstock, only when I went to the craft store, I discovered that the cardstock that was sold by sheet was almost a dollar a piece. It was also different on the front and back. My mom found a package of varying shades of purple cardstock for $2.50. All the purples coordinate, and I still have quite a bit of cardstock left over. Besides, I have a variety of purples in the wedding, so I'm quite happy with my choice. I also think they look really nice all grouped together.

The biggest challenge I had was figuring out how to attach the magnets to the cards. I wanted to attach the magnet so that it didn't fall on the ground when guests open the cards, but I wanted to make it obvious that the magnet is supposed to come off the card. The solution was surprisingly simple, I found some removable adhesive squares at the craft store and attached each magnet with one square.

All that is left to do now is to put the cards in envelopes to be mailed out in January. I want to wait until after the holidays to minimize the risk of people accidentally throwing the cards away. Logically speaking, with all the excitement of the holidays, the last thing on most people's minds will be making travel arrangements for next September.

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  1. Um... these are excellent. This is really close to what I want to do. WHERE oh WHERE did your mom find that much card stock for $2.50???