Our "Kids"

 Tom and I would like to bring 2-3 human children into this world. We both love the idea of kids, and simply cannot wait to start a family. For now, we love to say that we are the proud parents of three "kids". Three furry kids. I do not think they will make much of an appearance in my blogging, but like any proud mommy, I love to show them off.


This is an older picture of her from when Tom and I first started living together in August of 2009. I have since replaced her ratty collar with a girly pink one; but seriously, who could resist that face?!?! Dakota is our oldest child, she is almost three. She is a a rottweiler/golden husky mix, but I personally think that she looks like a little German shepard. Dakota is a little lady, she loves to sleep in our bed, and is quite the bed hog. She also loves doing her nails, and playing fetch with her toy monkey. She is my first dog, and I'll be honest, when I first met her I was not a dog person, I am now. 


Our middle child is Nachos, an orange kitty with copper eyes. He is about a year and a half old now, but when we first brought him home, on my birthday last year, he was just a little orange puff ball. I have been around cats all my life, but Nachos was the first one that I have raised from a kitten. He is my buddy and we still share a pillow at night. 


Muenster is our youngest child, he is about six months old. He also happens to be Nacho's biological brother. Tom went to visit his mother one evening about six weeks after her cat had a litter of kittens. Muenster crawled into Tom's pocket and fell asleep. Tom fell in love and took him home. Muenster is an orange and white two-toned kitty who loves to cause trouble. He has been known to pop out of no-where, sit up on his hind legs, and attack the air with his paws. He also loves jingle balls, and will fetch them when thrown. Oh, the joys of kittenhood.