Friday, June 24, 2011

Centerpieces and Linens

With the wedding now two months, two weeks, and two days away (not that I'm counting), I have found renewed motivation for all things wedding. My current project is figuring out the decor for the reception tables. Back in January, I started playing around with centerpieces and I am happy to report that we have finally settled on, and purchased all of our centerpieces.

Half of the tables will have candle centerpieces, like this: 

The other half of the tables will have boats, like this: 

Next on the agenda is figuring out linens. It's amazing the little details that suddenly become so important once you become a bride. Our reception venue supplies ivory tablecloths to cover the 90" round tables. Each table also has a chandelier above it. 

Tom and I were at a bridal show in February at our reception venue, and they had a table set up for us to look at. 

Don't get me wrong, the table is elegant, and I love it. I just think it could use a pop of color. We have a couple of options, both of which involve us purchasing our own linens. Whichever option we go with, we will purchase linens rather than rent them. this is because it costs about the same amount of money to purchase as it does to rent, and at the end of the day I will still have linens if I purchase them. 

The first option is to use a cloth napkin in the center of the table under the centerpiece like this: 
The other option is a table cover, layered over the tablecloth like this: 
Either option, we will be using plum linens. Looking at the pictures now, I definitely like the look of the table covers better than the napkins in the center. My only concern is that it might make the reception look too dark. 


Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Mini-Moon is Booked!

Anyone that is not familiar with wedding jargon is probably giving my post title the side eye right now. Mini-moon? Long story short, when Tom and I first decided to get married in September, I was trying (and still am) to get back into public schools as a school psychologist. Part of the trade off for getting married in September was that our honeymoon was going to have to be delayed. Pair that with the 8 months of budget constraints caused by unemployment, and a new job that does not allow me to take vacation time, and the delayed honeymoon remains. We do want to be able to get away for a couple of days to relax after the wedding stresses, so we opted to go on a mini-honeymoon, or "mini-moon" for a couple of nights right after the wedding, with the intention of going on a full honeymoon at some point before our first anniversary. In terms of the honeymoon, we want to get off of North America, preferably to Europe. That, however, is an entirely different story, for an entirely different post.

So, where are we going for our mini-moon you ask?

We're goin' to Jackson! Johnny Cash and June Carter reference, anyone? Tom and I have booked a fireplace suite at a quiet country inn and spa in Jackson, New Hampshire. Our suite includes a two person jacuzzi, king sized bed, couples massage, and a bottle of champagne. Just in case that was not enough, we will be nestled within the White Mountains, so the scenery is sure to be wonderful. I'm more than a little excited. The White Mountains have always had a special place in my heart because my family used to go camping there in the summers when I was younger. It is also, coincidentally, where my grandparents honeymooned after their wedding over 50 years ago. I can't for me and Tom to create our own special memories there. 

Are you going on a mini-moon before your actual honeymoon? What sort of getaway do you have planned?

Friday, June 10, 2011

3 Months!!!

We are officially in crunch time. Over the course of the last month we passed the 100 day mark, and now we are to the point where we can stop talking about the wedding in terms of months away, and begin talking in terms of weeks. 12 weeks to go.

I am happy to report that I got much more done this month than I did in the month before. I am finally starting to find balance between work and wedding planning. My big DIY project for the month was assembling all of our wedding favors. Next on the list is finishing the bubbles and ribbon wands and pinwheels that have been on my list since last fall. I also have ten invitations to assemble, but I'm hoping to have that done by the weekend. I have to figure out programs too, I think I forgot about those...

We also got a lot accomplished in the non-DIY side of things. Tom and I have purchased our wedding rings, and we ended our quest to find the perfect serving set. My wedding gown arrived, and I had my first fitting. I would post pictures, but Tom's eyes like to occasionally wander over to my blog, so everyone will have to wait with Tom until September. Tom and I also booked our mini-moon over the weekend, but more on that later.

Things are starting to get really busy around here. Tom and I were talking about it this morning, it looks like we are going to be busy nearly every week between now and July 10. Tom flies out to Kansas City on Tuesday to visit with his family and friends. I wish I could go, it will be our first time apart in nearly two years. While he is out there, he is going to have his groomsmen measured for tuxes. My plan is to finish a bunch of wedding projects that have been sitting on the back burner while he is gone. Then, over the weekend of July 4th, one of my best friends (and co-officiants of our wedding) will be in town with her husband. She is going to try on her dress, and pick up my sister's dress at the same time. That afternoon, I have my hair and make-up trial. We are also going to take the opportunity to stamp and stuff all of our invitations so that they can be mailed the following week. That brings us to the week of July 10th, the two month mark, or eight week mark, depending on how you want to look at it.

Things are definitely starting to feel like a wedding is coming up. Let the whirlwind begin!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Favors for Our Guests

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we ordered the votive candles for our favors. Several days later, a huge box arrived with my name on it. I immediately got to work, and over the course of the following weekend and a lot of help from my mom, all 144 wedding favors are assembled. Originally we were going to give everyone a frosted glass votive holder with an unscented white candle. Ultimately, we decided to give half of our guests a frosted glass votive holder with a lavender scented candle, the other half will receive a purple glass votive holder with a vanilla scented candle. The candles are wrapped with a personalized matchbook and a thank you tag.

I am really happy with the final product:
The white glass looks like sea glass :D

And you can't go wrong with purple!

Ultimately, I purchase my candles and votive holders from I was originally going to purchase my candles through a different website, but quickcandles gave me a better price once shipping was included. I am really happy with my experience with quickcandles, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a large quantity of candles. My candles arrived quickly and securely. The votives are a nice thick glass, and the candles smell wonderful. My only negative critique is that the votive candles are slightly smaller than usual votives, 

It is a huge weight off my chest to have the favors done, next on the list is to finish up my bubbles, ribbon wands, and pinwheels!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

100 Days

Starting tomorrow, Tom and I will be down to double digits. All the big stuff is done, now it's just finishing up the little details. We should probably start thinking about our mini-moon too...