Friday, June 24, 2011

Centerpieces and Linens

With the wedding now two months, two weeks, and two days away (not that I'm counting), I have found renewed motivation for all things wedding. My current project is figuring out the decor for the reception tables. Back in January, I started playing around with centerpieces and I am happy to report that we have finally settled on, and purchased all of our centerpieces.

Half of the tables will have candle centerpieces, like this: 

The other half of the tables will have boats, like this: 

Next on the agenda is figuring out linens. It's amazing the little details that suddenly become so important once you become a bride. Our reception venue supplies ivory tablecloths to cover the 90" round tables. Each table also has a chandelier above it. 

Tom and I were at a bridal show in February at our reception venue, and they had a table set up for us to look at. 

Don't get me wrong, the table is elegant, and I love it. I just think it could use a pop of color. We have a couple of options, both of which involve us purchasing our own linens. Whichever option we go with, we will purchase linens rather than rent them. this is because it costs about the same amount of money to purchase as it does to rent, and at the end of the day I will still have linens if I purchase them. 

The first option is to use a cloth napkin in the center of the table under the centerpiece like this: 
The other option is a table cover, layered over the tablecloth like this: 
Either option, we will be using plum linens. Looking at the pictures now, I definitely like the look of the table covers better than the napkins in the center. My only concern is that it might make the reception look too dark. 



  1. I think I like the table covers better adds so much more that the plum overlay in that picture? I'd have to see the plum color to really get a feel...that particular cover does seem a little dark..but I think if it was a little lighter it would look gorgeous!

  2. There's going to be chandeliers over every table, so even if it will be "too dark" it will just feel more intimate and awesome. I am all for the table covers, plus, those in the pictures were a dark grape, where as plum should have a slightly more reddish hue, which would warm up the space a bit more than those shown.