Saturday, January 15, 2011

And they are off!

After numerous hours of cutting, pasting, collecting addresses, and licking envelopes; our save-the-date magnets are in the mail. I fell as though we have reached a milestone in our wedding planning. When we first starting seriously planning in August, the wedding was "ours." Back in December, we brought our wedding party on board by sending out the wedding party newsletter. Now we have added our guests to the mix.

I should mention that we sent our save-the-dates out in two batches. The first batch of about 40 went out at the beginning of the month. Back when I ordered the magnets in October, our guest list was still on the smallish side and was far from being finalized. I ended up about 30 magnets short, so we decided to first send save-the-dates out to the people that would be traveling the farthest so that they could have first pick of our hotel blocks. I made my re-order for the additional 30 magnets at the same time with the plan to send out a second round as soon as they came in. Last night we mailed out the save-the-dates to the more "local" people on our guest list, which we defined as people that would not require a flight to get here. Lesson learned the hard way. To all future brides, I know that you are excited to start planning your weddings. Take a step back, and finalize your guest list and budget before booking/ordering anything. It is so much easier than having to re-do things later.

Did you send out save-the-dates for your wedding?

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