Saturday, January 8, 2011

Purple Wedding Shoes!

One of the first things that caught my eye when I started planning our wedding were these pictures of brides with brightly colored shoes. I fell in love instantly, and I knew that this was a wedding trend that I would definitely be taking part in. It was then that I started my quest to find purple shoes. Which proved to be easier said than done. Purple is one of my favorite colors, so I was looking for a pair of purple shoes that I could wear to the wedding, but then incorporate into my wardrobe. This required me to find a pair of shoes that were actually purple, as opposed to dyable shoes. Dyables are pretty, don't get me wrong, but they tend to be made of satin, which catches on things, and they really are not meant to be worn more than a couple of times.

My other requirements for purple shoes were to have a slight heel, but nothing more than two inches, and to be comfortable, since I will be wearing them for at least the duration of the wedding ceremony. Much to my chagrin, purple shoes are hard to find. Especially at a price that is within my budget. I exhausted online resources and finally started searching local shoe stores with little to no avail. When I could find purple shoes, they tended to have a three to four inch heel. They were not comfy, and I could not imagine walking in them outside at our ceremony venue. I was starting to think that my purple shoes may be coming in the form of converses.

Then came Thursday. I was out shopping and I found my shoes. Simple, comfortable, two inch heel, suede, and, most importantly, purple. Well, plum technically. I put them on and fell in love. I have my shoes! I've already worn them around the house to "break them in." These will definitely become part of my wardrobe after my wedding. As for the purple converses, I might need a pair of purple dancing shoes for the reception. We shall see.

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  1. Love those purple shoes, they are so lush!