Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our Wedding Flowers- The Bride and Groom

As I hinted about it in my first post about our flowers, after receiving consults from several local florists, I was finally able to find one that could grant me everything I wanted at a price that was well within our budget. I signed the contract and deposited that florist this past  Wednesday, and through the wonders of Google Image Search I am able to post rough approximations of what our flowers will look like.

First things first, my bouquet. Aside from my insistence on having roses and hydrangea, I also wanted a hand-tied bouquet with no white. I wanted my bouquet to be a pop of color against my dress. The florist suggested a hand-tied bouquet of green hydrangea, lavender roses, green hypericum berries, and purple limonium. This would be very similar to the bouquet I have pictured to the left, minus the large purple flowers that are not roses, and the larger white flowers.

Tom's boutonniere will coordinate with my bouquet in that it will consist of a lavender rose with green hypericum berries and a touch of limonium.

On a side note, I was once told that a groom's boutonniere traditionally matches the bride's bouquet because in medieval times a knight always wore his ladies colors. I don't know if this is true or not, but the history geek in my loves it.

What types of flowers did you incorporate in your wedding bouquet? Did your groom "wear his ladies colors"?

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  1. Saw you on SITS today. Unfortunately, I'm not nearly as crafty as you are, so I asked a florist to do our flowers...otherwise I would have had a bouquet of dandelions on my wedding day! Best wishes for your happy day!