Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Wedding Flowers- Our Parents

Last but not least are the flowers for our parents, specifically for my mom, Tom's mom, my father, and step-father.

Our mothers will (hopefully) be wearing green, so to compliment they will be wearing lavender rose corsages. Depending on what type of attire they decide on, I may switch things up and give them wrist corsages in place of pin on corsages.

The fathers will be wearing lavender rose boutonnieres, which will be different from Tom's in that they will just be a lavender rose, no hypericum berries or limonium.

Once again, all of the flower pictures from the last three posts are courtesy of google image search. They are not our actual wedding flowers because well, our wedding has not happened yet ;) . So that is why the roses are not all the same, and why there are extra types of greenery and extra flowers. Regardless, I am excited.


  1. I definitely vote for the wrist corsage. My mom and MIL wore them and they were grateful, as their dresses were kind of delicate and a pin on wouldn't have held all day.
    Congrats on the wedding-I had so much fun with DIY projects for my wedding. It was worth the hard work! Can't wait to read more about your upcoming big day.

  2. Thank you for the advice! I just sent off the e-mail to my florist, we are going to go with wrist corsages for our moms :D