Monday, January 24, 2011

Reception Music

Every couple has one or two things that they give special attention to when it comes to planning a wedding. For Tom and I, we have two major focuses: food and music. Food has obvious reasons, we wanted to give everyone a good meal. Good music is much more personal. When we selected our ceremony music, I discussed how important music is to me, specifically instrumental music. As we begin to choose our reception music, it's time to discuss the importance of music for us.

Tom and I are both into the music scene. Tom has been to countless concerts, I was a DJ for my college radio station. We both have iPods that are full of music, and have turned to music to help up through some of the more difficult points in our lives. Some of our earliest conversations were about bands that we like, there is a lot of overlap. 

While definitely one of my favorite parts of wedding planning, I mean, who doesn't love blasting music off of youtube? Choosing the reception music is also proving to be one of the more difficult aspects of planning. Music plays a major roll in setting the tone of a space. Just think of the last movie you watched, music plays a huge roll. When I originally hired a DJ for the reception, I was only thinking of the dancing portion of the reception. I completely forgot about the cocktail hour and dinner portions, which also require appropriate music as a backdrop. 

As far as the dancing portion of the reception goes, our wedding has taken on a classic feel. Nothing too trendy (minus my purple shoes), just a classic, timeless wedding. We want our evening music to fit right in. We are trying to avoid most music that was released this millennium, although some newer pieces might  make it in. The music we have selected so far are classic rock pieces from the 70's, a little bit of funk, a little bit of 80's, and the occasional ballad because, well, this is a wedding. As far as dinner and cocktail hour go, our feelings change by the hour. Good thing we have 8 months to go. 

What type of music did you play at your reception? 

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