Saturday, January 1, 2011

Farewell 2010, Bring on 2011

Happy New Year! I wish that I could provide pictures of my and Tom ringing in the new year, but sadly, we made it to about 11pm and then crashed. I guess you can say we are getting old. On the positive side, we have all kinds of munchies for the football game today.

The new year always makes me reflective. This year a bit more so, because 2010 was a year of transition for me. I became engaged, I started looking forward to my future, I moved from Missouri to Maine, and I am between careers. Through all of this Tom and I are still together, and smiling. So I would have to say that we are doing okay. 2011 starts with us preparing for one of the biggest transitions of our lives. Our marriage. The day that we say goodbye to the single life forever and start facing the world as a single unit. There are not words to express how excited I am. At the same time, I am trying hard not to wish away the next few months so that I can enjoy wedding planning.

I have several New Year's Resolutions this year. To find a job, to shed a couple of pounds, to get our finances in order, to move into our own apartment, and, of course, to get married. Once September passes, our goals will shift to saving up for a down payment on our first home, and starting a family.

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