Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Server Set

A couple of months ago, I commented that Tom and I were looking to purchase an engraved server set that we could keep as a keepsake of our wedding and place in our curio cabinet. I am happy to report that after countless hours of browsing server sets online and in various department stores, Tom and I have finally made a purchase.

One of the first observations that I made while planning Tom and my wedding was that adding the word "wedding" to something immediately sent the price sky rocketing. To avoid this, I have made the majority of my accessories and I have been rewarding by spending a fraction of the price. To add to this, Tom is very smart with money, and did not want to put a lot of money into things that would only be used for one evening, so I have tried to choose wedding accessories that will be able to be used after the wedding. For example, I simply un-glue the bows on our toasting flutes to have flutes to share a New Year's toast, or by un-attaching the sign on the card basket, I can have a nice basket for the living room. The compromise to all this is that we would splurge a little and get an engraved serving set.

This was easier said than done. Tom agreed to an engraved server set, but insisted that it be something we could use after the wedding. We also didn't want anything kitschy, so we agreed on an all silver set with engraving on the server. There are literally hundreds of silver serving sets available online, but we could not find one that worked for both of us, and on the rare occasion that we did, the online reviews sent us running for the hills. Then the day came to make a payment on Tom's wedding band. We decided to stop into Things Remembered on a whim, and we found our serving set. It's called "Anastasia" and it's absolutely beautiful. Tom actually pointed it out. It's silver, nicely weighted, and elegant. It also happens to be on sale right now, so we were able to purchase our set for a great price.

We picked up our server set the next day. We had the server engraved with "Thomas and Jennifer September 10, 2011." Have I mentioned how much I love seeing our names and date engraved/printed together? It just makes everything seem more real. On the way home, I was looking at our set and I realized that it looked familiar. That evening, I pulled out my mother's serving set from when she married my step-father in 2005, and sure enough, she has the exact same set. To our surprise, not only did Tom and I finally find our serving set, we also started a new family tradition.

What keepsakes are you making/ having made for your wedding?

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