Monday, October 18, 2010

Tom's Tux

As I mentioned, when we booked our photographer we chose and booked our tuxedos at the same time. I guess in terms of wedding planning, we are doing everything out of order and really throwing tradition out the window. I mean, our ceremony is planned to the exact detail, but we don't have a reception venue yet, and now we have our men's attire picked out and reserved, and I haven't deposited my dress yet, and we haven't "officially" chosen the bridesmaids dress either. Our wedding will come together, just maybe in a slightly different order than everyone is used to. Then again, we aren't exactly the type of couple that everyone is used to either. Anyways, I digress, back to the point of the post. We have tuxes!!!

Yesterday morning I posted an inspiration board about Tom's tux. I was actually a bit sneaky, and posted an actual picture of Tom's tux as part of the inspiration board. It was all Tom's idea. Yes, he is wearing an ivory jacket, and I think it looks awesome. Way back in August when my mother and I went dress shopping and picked out MY dress, I told Tom that his tux would have to be kind of vintage-y looking because my dress definitely has more of a vintage feel to it. He was all about it. So, we went to the tux shop on Saturday, and Tom started putting together tuxes with an ivory jacket. I'm not going to lie, I was a more than a little skeptical at the time. Not to mention, I couldn't really see the finished "look." That evening, Tom sent me to a web site that allowed me to design a tux, and I designed the exact tux that Tom ordered, I became giddy. Then, to further cement the deal, Tom did a google search for a 50's wedding picture. Sure enough, the groom was wearing an ivory jacket. My Tom not only listened to my request, he hit an all out homerun in picking his tux. Now I can't wait to see him in it.

Because I know that people will be curious, here are the details of Tom's tux:

  • Black, flat-front pants
  • Ivory, notch-lapel jacket
  • Black microfiber shirt
  • Ivory vest
  • Victorian lilac ascot
  • Pearl and gold cuff links and studs
  • Black patent leather shoes
It is a lot of fun to go tux shopping with your fiancé. Fair warning, the mental images of your fiancé in the tuxes is absolutely killer, and a total moment of "holy crap, I'm getting married!"

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