Sunday, October 17, 2010

Photographer, Check!

Yesterday, Tom and I sat down with a potential photographer. We listened to what they had to say, ooohed and aaahed over their albums, looked at the package, and despite the seemingly better and better deals they threw at us, we walked away. Tom and I never make major decisions in the heat of the moment, we like to take some time, digest, and think things through before signing on the dotted line. I'm happy we did. We knew we wanted 7 hours of photography, a DVD of all the pictures, and after the presentation, a wedding album. We are on a bit of a budget, so our original plan was to purchase one of the cheaper packages and simply add several hours of photography to that. Over dinner, Tom did the math, and realized that it was actually a better deal to go with a slightly larger package that included additional hours of photography. So I e-mailed the place back, and this morning, I was presented with a deal that I just couldn't refuse. I talked to Tom about it when he got home from work, and off we went to sign the photography contract!

The package contains:

  • DVD of all the pictures with reprint rights
  • 8"x10" professionally designed album with 20 pages
  • 11"x14" wall portrait
  • online gallery 30 days after the wedding
  • online slide show of the wedding album
  • engagement sitting with 8"x10" portrait
  • 6 hours of professional photography
The two bonuses I chose were an additional hour of photography for free and a second photographer. 

I am beyond words excited. We also chose and deposited the men's tuxedos, but that is for another post. 

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