Thursday, October 28, 2010

Having second thoughts... on the cake!

So, when Tom and I first started planning our wedding, we got this wonderful idea in our head of having a cheesecake buffet instead of a traditional wedding cake. Then we looked into the cost of ordering enough cheesecake to feed 100+ people, and fell in love with the romance of making our own cheesecakes. We both love to cook and I'm always bragging about how I love to bake. It seemed like an awesome idea. Then reality kicked in. Assuming each cheesecake could feed 10 people, I would need to make between 10 and 15 cheesecakes. Secondly, to prevent them from going stale, I would have to figure out how to remove the cheesecake from the spring form pan and then freeze it. I would also have to find space to freeze  10 to 15 cheesecakes. Then would be the pain staking issue of thawing all those cheesecakes without them going soggy. Once everything was baked, frozen, and thawed, I would then have to figure out how and when to transport all the cheesecake to our reception venue on the morning of the wedding. After thinking about all of this, I was seriously beginning to question if I would ever want to see a cheesecake again by the time my reception came around, let alone have it be the first dessert of my married life. Thank goodness this reality kick hit me now, and not two weeks before the wedding amidst a never ending sea of cheesecake.

Where now? Tom and I are looking into the more traditional wedding cake, with some minor upgrades. First of all, no fondant. Tom describes it best by saying it tastes like plastic. Secondly, we want a square cake instead of the traditional round one. We just like the clean lines. We also want ivory on ivory, again, for that clean look. We've been searching around online, and have found a couple pictures that we like. We are also beginning to talk to a couple of bakers, so we will see what comes along. I'm excited for the prospect of cake tasting.

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