Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Invitation Mock-Up

I wanted to start by apologizing for not posting in about a week, the stress of the wedding, specifically the stress of not having money to make necessary deposits on the wedding is really starting to get to me, so I spent the last week by focusing on job hunting. I had a job interview today, and it went really well. I am keeping my fingers crossed, and I am supposed to hear back on Monday.

Anyways, the last time I posted, I discussed my invitation inspiration, and commented about how I ordered samples from Paper and More so that I could start working on an invitation mock-up. Fast forward to yesterday afternoon, I checked the mail and a small package had arrived with my name on it. This is what was inside...
I ordered two different thicknesses of cream vellum, a cream linen pocket fold, a purple solid pocket fold, a sand solid envelope, a cream linen envelope, a sand solid 4-bar envelope, two sheets of cream card stock, one sheet of purple card stock, one sheet of cream linen card stock, and one sheet of light green card stock. I pulled out my paper cutter and started to play.

The first thing I did was trim the card stock for my base. Paper and More gives excellent directions on their website. Basically, the base panel measures 5"x7" and they recommend using a 4.5"x6.5" base to achieve a layered look. After playing around with different base panels and pocket folds, and seeking the advise of my mother and Tom, we collectively decided that the best combination was the purple pocket fold with a cream base panel. The purple base on the cream pocket fold did not look right under the vellum. The next step was to add the picture. I printed 4"x6" pictures off of my computer, I used my favorite engagement picture. I printed both color and black and white, but ultimately decided to go with black and white because it looked better under the vellum. I glued the picture to my base panel, lining up the bottom edge (to leave room on top for a bow). Then I cut my vellum. I tried two thicknesses of vellum, both of which went through my inkjet printer easily. The thicker one did smudge a bit, but not enough for me to be concerned, and I did not have my printer on "high quality" printing at the time. I created a template for the vellum such that the verse would be centered when cut out. This template is available on my template page to the right.  Once I had my vellum cut, I carefully punched two holes through the base panel and the vellum, and tied a bow with green ribbon to hold everything together. Then I glued my completed base to the blank panel of the pocket fold. For my mock-up I used a simple glue stick; however, for the actual invites I intend to get a more durable adhesive.

With the base done, it was time to move on to the inserts. I created four inserts for my invitations, a reception card, directions card, accommodations card, and an RSVP card with a coordinating envelope. This was really more a matter of playing around with Open Office in order to develop a template. I played with the margins, such that each insert card was 6" high (per recommendations by Paper and More) and varied in width by 1/2" to create a layered effect. My RSVP card is narrower such that it would fit neatly inside a 4-bar envelope. 

The final step was to create a belly band. This is truly in draft form, but at least I have an idea of how I want it to look. I started with some extra green ribbon that I had from another craft project cut long enough to wrap around the closed pocket fold. I then added a scrap of cream card stock stamped with a star matted on a scrap of the green card stock. For the actual invitations, I plan on using a slightly narrower green gauzy ribbon without stripes in it, I also plan on using a more silvery green for the matting color, and a starfish instead of a star. Like I said, it's a draft, but it gives me an idea. 
Once all that was done, I chose an envelope. I ordered both the cream linen and sand solid because I was concerned that the sand color would not match up with the cream card stock. It matches perfectly. So, I am going to use the sand solid envelope because it is more cost effective than the linen paper, and to be honest, people throw the envelop away anyway. Overall, I am beyond excited with my invitations. If you compare the completed mock-up with my inspiration below, I definitely created what I was trying to achieve. Now I just need volunteers to help me make about 50 of these things before June... 

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