Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Groomsmen's attire and the F.O.B.

The groomsmen's tux is very similar to the groom's tux, just a couple colors are reversed. Tom's overall goal with the groomsmen's tuxes was to find something that actually looked formal enough to be a tux. Over the years, tuxes have become more casual in style, and Tom did not want the tuxes to be mistaken for suits. To the left is the tux that the groomsmen, our ring bearer, and our junior usher will wear. It consists of a black, notch lapel jacket, flat-front pants, ivory micro-fiber shirt, Victorian lilac vest, Victorian lilac ascot tie, and black and gold cufflinks and studs.

As I mentioned before, we seem to have a thing about throwing tradition out the window with our wedding, and Tom has decided to have a groomswoman in the wedding party. At first we were at a loss with how to dress her, should we put her in a tux? A black version of the bridesmaid's dress? After doing a Google image search for a groomswoman's dress for inspiration, we decided to put her in a black dress with a Victorian lilac sash to match the groomsmen's vests. We actually chose Alfred Angelo dress style 6545.

The final piece of attire that we chose was a tux for my step-father, who will henceforth be referred to as the F.O.B. (father of the bride). Our original intention was to give him the same tux as the groomsmen, just with a celadon vest instead of a Victorian lilac one. Unfortunately, the vest pattern we chose does not come in celadon, and the only available celadon vest did not have a matching ascot style tie. So the F.O.B. will be wearing a celadon windsor style tie instead. That is the actual reason his tux is slightly different, but after thinking things through and discussing it with my mother, I think that it is better that the F.O.B. has a slightly different tux because it differentiates him from the groomsmen. My step-father is wearing a tux out of formality because he is walking me down the aisle along with my mom, he's not one of the groomsmen, so he shouldn't look like one. Just like how we don't want our groomswoman, or my mother, to look like a bridesmaid.

That's it for attire, for now. My sister will be visiting in November, at which time will officially decide the girl's attire. I have already chosen my dress, but I am waiting for my sister to visit before I deposit it and order it. I also have a pretty good idea about what I want the bridesmaids to wear, but again, I want to wait until my sister can try some dresses on before I post anything about it.

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