Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our DIY Invitations

Tom and I mailed out our invitations on Tuesday. By now, it is safe to make the assumption that the invitations have been received by our guests. Without further ado, here are our invitations.

Starting with the envelopes. We wanted the look of calligraphy, but Tom and I both have "doctor's handwriting" and a calligrapher was not in the budget. We opted to print directly on the envelopes instead using a calligraphy font. The end result was gorgeous, and thanks to our awesome printer (Canon Pixma) it took no time at all! We printed our return address on the back flap.

The RSVP card is placed inside the flap of it's envelope and tucked in front of the inserts so guests can easily find it

Under the RSVP, the inserts are neatly stacked.

A close up of the invitation. I love how the black and white picture came out looking like a silhouette.

Our inserts, with seashells and starfish in the background

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  1. They look lovely!! You did a fantastic job making them. :-)