Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Invitations are Out!

Tom and I mailed out our invitations today, which means I will be eagerly anticipating the mail for the next month!

Progress is also being made on the DIY front, I finished sixteen more ribbon wands this morning, so I think those are now done. I need to do a final count tonight. I confirmed our ceremony music, which means I was able to finalize our programs. Our wedding arch is assembled, I just need to stitch some things in place. Pictures to come!


  1. We just mailed out our invites too (we have the same wedding dates). Congratulations! I know it was a huge relief for us to get ours out to people--one less thing to worry about:)

    Looking forward to seeing pics of your other DIY projects:)

  2. yay! congrats, that's such a great feeling!