Friday, July 22, 2011

My Newest Obsession, err Hobby, and VIP Invitations

Tom and I mailed out our invitations last Tuesday, July 12. Since then, RSVPs have started to slowly trickle in. Now, don't get me wrong, I've always had the child-like love with getting mail. It's fun to get Christmas cards, and birthday cards, and just because stuff. Since the invitations went out, the mail has gone from a "yay I got something!" moment to an all out obsession. My mom feels the need to remind me that our guests have a full month to RSVP and that I need to be patient. She is probably right, but patience has never been my forte. Mail the RSVPs back people! I stamped the envelope and everything! I kid, or do I?

In other news, Tom and I had a few extra invitations, so we decided to mail out some VIP invitations. Who exactly are these very important people? Well, aside from our friends and family, we also sent out invitations to the President, Pope, as well as the governors of Maine and Missouri. This is an idea that I took off of various wedding blogs. Apparently the president will mail out a congratulations letter. I'm not sure about the other three. We shall see.

Did you mail out any VIP invitations? Did you get anything back?

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