Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Dress, Headpiece, and Veil

When my dress first arrived two months ago, I said that I was not going to post pictures of it until after the wedding in order to prevent a certain Tom from seeing it. Then I discovered the wonders of jump breaks, and now I feel much more comfortable posting. These are pictures from when my dress first arrived at the bridal shop, I still need to have the bust adjusted, the bustle added, and a hem. My seamstress says she can do it three weeks before the wedding. That sounds a bit close for comfort for me, but hey, this is what she does. 

The bridal consultant that laced up my dressed did not tighten it all the way, so it looks a bit big in the bust. I have since tried my dress on again with the seamstress and my matron of honor/officiant lacing it and the bust fits perfectly. 

A close up of the front, so you can see the jewels and the embroidery. This is also a better shot of my veil. It's a handmade, single tier, cathedral length train. I am a little teary eyed in this picture. Ladies, I promise, it is one thing to try on wedding gowns, it is a whole different thing to put on YOUR dress. 

The back of my dress, and another nice shot of my veil. I opted for a single tier because it does not take away from the details of the dress. 

And a close up of the back. I'm making a funny face, I'm pretty sure I was giggling. You can see the details of the embroidery again, and the lacing. I love lace up dresses. 

Please excuse the sideways picture. It displays correctly on my hard drive, but forever reason it comes out sideways when I upload it. I had to stop into the bridal salon after my hair and makeup trial to return my veil. While there, I mentioned that I needed to find a comb or something to wear in my hair during the reception, because there was no way I would be able to wear my veil all night long. The seamstress pulled out the comb, it is the perfect width to fit over my up-do, and the design matches the embroidery on my dress perfectly. 


  1. Beautiful! I like the simplicity of the veil. Like you said, it doesn't take away from the details of the dress.

  2. Wow. Just wow. You look absolutely beautiful in it! It is definitely the perfect dress for you! :)