Monday, September 6, 2010

Engagement Pictures

I was really excited to get engagement pictures done, primarily because up until now, Tom and I didn't have any really nice pictures of the two of us. Tom is not a fan of having his picture taken, so I am eternally grateful that he gave us two hours of is time and about 65 pictures worth. The least I can say is that I am more than thrilled with the results. One of the benefits of having my mom take the pictures was that we got to pick the exact time that would be best without much advance notice. We wanted pictures taken both at our ceremony venue and at the beach, and when I woke up the morning after Hurricane Earl had passed to bright blue skies, I knew that Saturday was the day. Even if it was the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, sure we had crowds to face, but in the end it was well worth it. At Fort Popham we played with the architecture of the fort, and took full advantage of deep window sills that I could sit in, the spiral staircases, and the archways. Tom was a little hesitant at first, like I said, he doesn't like having his picture taken. He eventually loosened up a bit, put the presence of the camera out of his head, and that's when we started getting the nicest shots; the kisses, the cuddles, at one point we even started waltzing in the old fort.

Our intention was to take the second set of shots at Popham Beach, but the holiday tourists made that rather difficult. Not a problem, we got back in the car and headed to another beach that is not as well known. We were greeted with huge waves from the remnants of Earl out to see, truly an awesome back drop for pictures. Tom and I walked along the beach and looked at the waves. Originally, we were only going to walk along the beach without getting wet, but mother nature had some other plans. By the end of the afternoon I was soaked from the waist down, but it was all in fun. We got some nice shots, and the ocean was gorgeous, as always.

I set up an album on photobucket with all our engagement pictures, if you would like to check them out, click here. That is about all that I have to say for today, I have tons of crafting projects underway, so stay tuned for more DIY posts.

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