Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DIY Wedding Stationary, or, the beginning to the ultimate "Labor of Love"

Pocketfold invitations, NOT mine
Wedding stationary is a quintessential part of the whole wedding planning process. The invitation is traditionally the first thing that guests see in regards to your wedding and is supposed to indicate the style, tone, and formality of the ceremony and reception. This being said, wedding stationary is ridiculously expensive. About six months ago, when I was first engaged, I came across this blog and immediately fell in love with the idea of pocketfold invitations. For those of you out of the wedding-lingo loop, a pocket fold is sort of like a folder that goes around the invitation in place of the second "inner envelope" with a pocket to hold the various invitation inserts (RSVP cards, reception cards, etc.). It looks really snazzy, as illustrated in the picture to the left. With an idea in mind, I hit up various wedding invitation websites to get a price idea of just how much my snazzy pocketfold invitations would cost. My jaw hit the floor. $300 for 50 pocketfold invitations, in an ugly black, and that did not include the various inserts that go inside the pocket. I also fell in love with another invitation that utilized a picture of the couple, only $200 for 50 invitations, envelopes and various inserts not included (note sarcasm). This was when a light bulb went off over my head that I could probably make invitations that were a combination of both invitations that caught my eye for significantly cheaper. Fast forward to today. I found this website which sells a variety of different types of paper, including my pocketfolds, already assembled, for $36 for 50 of them. I played around, found all the supplies that I needed, and for around $100 and change I will be able to make my dream invitations, menus, place cards, table numbers, and put a good dent in my programs. Take that expensive engraved invitations, I knew my scrapbooking skills would come in handy someday.

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