Saturday, September 11, 2010

Inspiration Board- The Wedding Party

Wedding Party

This inspiration board is fairly self explanatory. I haven't officially chosen a bridesmaid's dress, but the one picture matches the cut and style of my dress and it comes in a purple that is almost identical to the trim of my dress. The tux is also a work in progress, the one we have pictured is a black tux with an ivory shirt and purple vest/tie. Tom said that he wanted to have at least two buttons on his jacket, but we really aren't putting a lot of planning into men's attire until March when the rental catalogs are updated for 2011. I also have the hopeful flower girl dress, the petals on the skirt are just adorable. I included green hydrangeas, which the bridesmaids will be carrying, along with a hypercum berry boutonnière, which is what the groomsmen will be wearing. The bridesmaids bouquets will also have berries in them for texture. The rose petals are silk, for ease of clean-up in lavender and ivory. I also include my inspiration for a ring bearer's pillow, I will be making something similar to this, I think. Lastly, I included green accessories and purple flip flops, for no particular reason other than inspiration and to see how everything looks. The purpose of choosing long dresses was so that my bridesmaids could wear whatever shoes they wanted, heels, flip flops, army boots, whatever. They can go crazy, I think it would make for some cute pictures.

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