Thursday, September 16, 2010

Program Mock-Up

As of late, one of my favorite activities has become searching through the nearly endless amount of wedding pictures online to gain inspiration for my next DIY project. My wedding has a nautical theme, but I am also striving to make my wedding unique in every way I can. I guess that is the whole purpose of making pretty much everything that I can from scratch, to make it mine. Programs are no different. I was searching through Purple Weddings and I found the wedding programs pictured to the left. I instantly fell in love with them. I love how they are different from the traditional fold-paper-in-half-to-make-a-booklet programs, and the overall look of them sitting in the basket caught my eye as well. So then I did as any other crafter would do, I looked at the picture again, thought about it, and figured out how to make it.

I want to stress that this is definitely a program mock-up. I wanted to use supplies that I had around the house to see if I could make the programs, as well as to determine what materials would be necessary to make the 100 or so that I am going to need for the big day. I also wanted to gauge just how much work went into each one so I could determine if this was something I wanted to do over 100 times. What I came up with is pictured on the right.

The lighting wasn't the greatest when i took the picture, but the card stock is purple, the ribbon is a light green, the paper is standard white print paper, and the tags were cut out of some left over scrapbooking paper I had kicking around. In terms of making the mock-up, the biggest pain was creating a template on Open Office. I had to do a bit of math when formating the page, and I ended up having to print the whole thing three times before I was able to get the margins right and the text centered. If anyone would like the template that I created, just comment to my post with your e-mail and I'll send a copy your way. Once I got the pages to print correctly, construction was relatively simple. I cut the pages out with a paper cutter so they were all the same size, then I cut an 8 1/2" by 11" sheet of card stock in half and folded the top over 1 1/2". I punched holes with a smaller hole punch, I believe I used a 1/8" punch, but I'm not 100% sure. Finally I ran about 12" of ribbon through and tied a bow. I strung two tags on the ribbon before tying the bow. The first tag says "Jennifer and Thomas" and the second tag says "9.10.11".

The mock-up of my program is currently 7 pages long. That sounds like a lot, but each page is only about 5"x5". I need to tweak my template a bit, because at the present time, just the wedding party takes up three pages. I also have a page listing the order of the ceremony, a page explaining our ceremony because we are having a non-traditional type of wedding, a page explaining the history of Fort Popham, and a "special thanks" page. It definitely is not perfect, but I have a year.

Overall, these are fairly easy to make, and I really love the way they look when they are completed, which totally justifies the work involved. For the finished product, I plan to use the same type of purple cardstock that I use for my invitations, with ivory paper for the pages. I will probably use the same type of ribbon as in the mock-up, but I'm thinking about just tying it in a knot and gluing a sea-shell on top so that the programs will match my flower cones. As for the tags, I'm planning on using vellum so that the wording shows up better, and I will probably use simple rectangles so that I can print everything. So far, so good... I'm sure that come spring I will be saying otherwise.


  1. Hi I would love a copy of your template, I am also doing a DIY wedding and love the cones as well!!! Thank you for sharing all of this!!! My email is


  2. Hi! I'm a knottie who just discovered your blog! So cool!

    Anyway, I love these programs and would love if you'd send me the template.

    beckydewaay at yahoo-dot-com

    Thanks so much!


  3. Hi, I stumbled across your blog and love some of your ideas. I've been struggling with my programs as well and thought I'd look and see what you did and love them. Could you send me the template? I only use Open Office so nice to see things that I can use without too much adjusting. Thanks.


    brooke @ harmsweb . com