Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello September!

I can now say "I'm getting married this month!" or, as Tom said this morning, "more like next week!" We are definitely excited. Right now we are in the process of moving. Every bit of free time is spent packing up our stuff at my mother's house. Our official move-in date is Sunday. I am also managing to finalize things along the way. Yesterday, I was able to finalize with the florist. As a result of a couple of last minute changes to our wedding party, I ended up with a bit of a credit with our florist. The end result? More roses in my bouquet, and the girls will now have green roses mixed in with their green hydrangea to maintain the monochromatic look.

What my bouquet will look like Source
The bridesmaid's bouquets, minus the ivy, and with roses instead of everything else Source
I have a whiteboard at my desk at work where I keep track of the number of days until the wedding. Yesterday, people started stopping by my desk to say congratulations. It's funny, even though I look at the countdown hundreds of times a day, it has not sunk in yet that the wedding is so close. I feel like it is way too early, and then I realize that I am in my last couple days of work before vacation starts. Tom's family is due to arrive from Kansas City this weekend. Everything is very surreal at the moment.

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