Sunday, September 4, 2011

DIY Escort Cards, the Bane of my Existance

I knew my DIY projects were going way to smoothly. I was bound to mess something up. Fortunately, I think I was able to cover my mistake.

The escort cards were supposed to be tented, which means that they were supposed to fold in half and be able to stand up. Unfortunately, I put them through my printer upside down, twice. Which effectively destroyed the back of my tent cards. Third times a charm, I guess. Then, after cutting out all of my escort cards, I realized that I forgot to make them for an entire table. Escort cards are clearly the death of me.

Significantly more time than I was planning on spending later, I had all my escort cards printed and cut. I opted to cut off the back flaps off, because there was really no way to salvage them. This effectively converted my tented escort cards into escort tags. From this point, my project went as planned. I used my hole punch to make holes in the upper left corner of each escort tag. Then I attached each tag to a starfish with some curling ribbon. Overall, I think they came out okay, despite my previous difficulties, and my guests will each have an artificial starfish to take home.

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