Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our New Digs, The Start of our Wedding Week

The view from our living room window
Many couples like to have a "last date night" about a week before the wedding, as a sort of calm before the storm. Tom and I did the exact opposite. We decided to start off the week before our wedding with the stress and manual labor of moving. If that wasn't enough, Tom's mother, girlfriend, and nephews arrived that same evening. With more guests scheduled to arrive days later.

Fortunately, Tom and I unpacked the kitchen during the week before the big move, so while moving day was stressful, it did not take long for us to get settled. In the long run, I'm happy we made the move so close to the wedding. It was a natural transition, and I really enjoyed the symbolism of waking up at my mother's house on the morning of the wedding and going to my own place after the honeymoon.

The following pictures are "before" pictures, as in, while the apartment was still empty, before moving day. My goal is to post "after" pictures, one room at a time, as we get everything settled and purchase furniture.

The living room
The bathroom. Yes, that's a clawfoot
The hallway leading to our kitchen
Our bedroom
There is also a second bedroom, which pretty much looks the same as our bedroom, just with two windows. We will hopefully be turning that into a nursery before our first anniversary. There is also a dining room, which is odd shaped so I really couldn't get a good picture. It has the same hardwood floors as the living room. There is also a kitchen, which was a complete disaster area at the time because we were in the process of moving everything.

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