Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding Recaps- Spa Day

Sherry at the manicure table
So, we moved on Sunday, September 4. Then we entertained guests, and unpacked, and finalized wedding stuff for the next couple of days. Then Thursday rolled around...

The day before, I was at the bridal salon with my officiant/matron of honor doing a last minute fitting of her dress. She insisted on taking me out to lunch the next day, along with my sister. I'm never one to turn down a free lunch, so I obliged. Thus began the day of ambushing. I must begin by saying, Tom and I have, hands down, the best friends/ wedding party a couple could ever ask for. My day consisted of lunch, spa day, and a bachelorette party. Tom's day consisted of being kidnapped by his groomsmen for a brewery tour, followed by a bachelor party at my mother's house. 

Laura, during her pedicure
Lunch with the ladies went great, we went to a local pizza place. My sister and I shared a vegetarian pizza with blueberry beer. Then it was off to the spa. I'll be honest, I had a really stressful morning. Tom and I were arguing about something silly, a symptom that has completely disappeared since the wedding. Once I lay down on the massage table, everything that was stressing me out was gone. Shortly after my massage, I had a facial. I fell asleep while the mask was setting, it was just so relaxing. 

I met up with my sister, Laura, and Sherry again in the manicure/pedicure room. They both copied me, with Victorian lilac toes and a shimmery pink French manicure. 

My manicure
It was while I was sitting in the manicure room, waiting for Sherry and Laura to finish up, that everything suddenly hit, but in a good way. The wedding was only days away, and our closest friends and family were in town specifically to be there, with us, on our day. We finished up at the spa, then headed to my mother's before heading out to my bachelorette party. We also picked up Maggie, another bridesmaid, who literally drove through floods caused by tropical storm Lee to be there. 

Sadly, I don't have pictures for the rest of the day's events. To be honest, even if I did, I'm not sure if it would be appropriate to post them. We will just say that my girls dressed me up, I had a bachelorette crown, phallic necklace, sash, and a HUGE pin, just in case the rest of my get up didn't give things away. We had buffalo wings for dinner, followed by some bar hopping. I was mildly intoxicated, and made some one-liners in my drunken stupor that will likely live on in infamy. 

As for the guys? They grilled lamb and chicken, had some curry, drank lots of beer, and had a fire. Again, lots of quotes that will go down in infamy. The girls crashed the guys around midnight, and lots of silliness ensued. It was a late night, but well worth it, and the perfect kick off for our wedding weekend!

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