Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wedding Recaps- My Gift to my Groom

Tom is a Chicago Bears fan. Big time.

So when the time came to pick a wedding gift that would be appropriate for my soon-to-be husband, I knew immediately what to get him. A custom jersey. The number "13" is his high school football number, it's also our lucky number. On the back, it is personalized with his last name.

It was absolutely adorable when he opened it. I folded the jersey really small in a gift bag, so he had no idea. First, he got all giddy when he realized it was a Bears jersey. Then, I asked him to read the back. At that point, he whipped off his shirt, put the jersey on, and ran over to his mother to show her. It was like a little kid at Christmas. The smile in the picture did not come off his face for a week.

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  1. what a great and personal gift!That's so cute how much he loved it!