Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Building a Nest

After a year (13 months to be exact) of living in my mother's basement, Tom and I will moving into a place of our own.

As of September first, this will be the view from our living room window
We got ourselves a gorgeous two bedroom apartment in Portland. It is everything we want for our home; close to work, hardwood floors, clawfoot tub, two bedrooms, private deck, and a dining room. My mom found the listing, Tom took a look at it, and I did not get to see it until after we signed the lease. Tom did good. We move in September 1 so that everything will be unpacked for when we return from our honeymoon. As if I was not busy enough already. 


  1. So exciting! Congratulations to you guys! = )

  2. CANNOT wait to move baby! I love you!

  3. congratulations!! that's so exciting!