Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Month to Go!

One month to go! Tom and I are entering the last days of our 19 month engagement.

I am pleased to report that I finished my goal of completing all DIY projects before the one month mark. All bubbles and ribbon wands are done. I made a bunch of programs as well, and I might make more, as the last few RSVPs straggle in. I am waiting until I have all of our guests accounted for before I make a seating chart, and escort cards will be made after that. I'm more than comfortable with that.

The stress is definitely starting to take over. We are both very excited for the wedding, but at the same time we are more than realizing just how expensive weddings can be. We now have a list of stuff to purchase/replace "after the wedding." I think it is fair to say that we are both looking forward to heading to our jacuzzi suite in the mountains for some much needed relaxation during our honeymoon.

It's kind of weird not making goals to accomplish for the next month, but at this point it's sort of do or die. I have my dress fitting on Tuesday, 8/16. Tom and I have to finish our request list, and figure out our first dance song, and the father/daughter dance song. I need to finalize our flower order and the rental order. We need to meet with the photographer too. Oh, and I should probably mail out invitations for the rehearsal dinner. So much to do! On the positive, exactly one month from right now, I will be sitting in a spa, with my closest friends, sipping a mimosa, and preparing to marry the man of my dreams.

In other news, we have definitely started to look at life after the wedding. We are apartment hunting, and found a place that we love in Portland. Right now, the plan is that we will be moving out over Labor Day weekend, settle in during the week before the wedding, and then have a place of our own to return to after our honeymoon. In terms of long term housing plans, after the wedding we are going to focus on getting out of debt and saving up for a down payment. We want to be home owners in the next five years. Tom and I are also starting to plan our family. More on that after the wedding.

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