Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dress Fitting!

No pictures this time, but I had my first dress fitting yesterday. Many of you may remember that my seamstress recommended not having my first fitting until three weeks out. I am happy I listened to her, because if I would have had my alterations earlier, I would be needing more alterations last minute. Apparently, in the last month or so, I managed to lose a bit of weight.

Prior to my fitting, Tom helped me get into my long line bra. Usually it fits a bit snug. To the extent that usually the first column of hooks are hooked, and then everything is moved over to the second while I hold my breath. This time around, Tom just hooked in on at the tightest setting, and it was still quite comfortable. Once I got to my fitting, my seamstress laced up my dress, and pinned in the alterations. The dress fits me like a glove already, it just requires a half inch to be taken in at the bust, and a half inch hem. She is also putting the bustle in for me this time. Next time I go in will be my final fitting on September 6. That's only a few weeks before the wedding! Oh my goodness it's coming up fast!

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