Thursday, March 10, 2011

Six Months!

Six months! When did this happen, and where did all the time go? The wedding will be here before we know it!

First and foremost, my big news! I lost my job back in July of 2010 and I have been feverishly attempting to find a job since. Aside from household living expenses, even the most budget conscious of weddings still cost money. Tom managed to find me a job, we will be working for the same company. I start in early April.

Back to wedding. In terms of planning, this has been a rather relaxed month. All of the vendors are currently booked, and most of my DIY projects are done, so I really have not had much to do on either front. We did manage to get over to a local rental place and reserve all of the chairs for our ceremony. I also tried my hand at personalized hangers, and I think I did a pretty good job. I did a couple other DIY projects, but unfortunately they are presents for my bridesmaids, and since they occasionally read my blog, I'll have to wait until after the wedding to post about them. The majority of the time spent on the wedding this month has been in the form of shopping. I was able to find artificial starfish at a really good price, and, most importantly, Tom and I took advantage of a sale and ordered our wedding rings.

Tom and I also had the opportunity to attend our first bridal show, which happened to be held at our reception venue. While I was not able to get much benefit out of the many vendors featured at the bridal show, I was able to see a reception table all set up, and overall walked away with a much more cohesive image of what our wedding will look like.

I'm still in the process of collecting measurements and deposits from my bridesmaids, it looks like their dresses should be ordered in the next week or two. Our ceremony has been finalized and mailed out to our officiants. I have not heard back from either of them about it, so perhaps I should follow up. Our music playlist is still a work in progress, but that's okay for now.

As we get closer to the wedding, my list of "little things" to do seems to be growing. In the next month, I plan to assemble all of our invitations. I really want to get this done before I start working again. I also need to begin planning our rehearsal dinner and figure out food for that. Last on my list, I need to start figuring out where I am going to have my hair and make-up done on the morning of the wedding.

Until next month!

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