Tuesday, March 1, 2011

With this Ring...

A little over a year ago, Tom proposed and gave me my engagement ring. To say I love my ring would be an understatement. I just over six months, we get to exchange rings again. Rings that we ordered last week. Tom and I crossed another "biggie" off of the wedding checklist.

We were originally planning to purchase our rings in June. The primary reason being that we were going to purchase our rings from the same jewelry store that Tom purchased my engagement ring from. It happens to be a national chain store, so we were not concerned about the rings taking long to come in once we ordered them, in fact, a jeweler at the store promised us that the rings would only take about six weeks to come in.

I went to the jewelry store last week to have my engagement ring inspected. I have to bring it in every six months to be inspected to keep the warranty up to date. It's a quick errand to do, and they steam clean it in the process, so I am rewarded with my ring looking brand new again. Anyway, while there, I noticed that they were having a significant sale on their bridal jewelry. Specifically, the wedding band that goes with my engagement ring was on sale for a significant discount. I mentioned the sale to Tom when I picked him up from work, and we went directly back to the jewelry store.

Without further ado, here are our rings.

My ring is a 1/4 carat diamond channel band set in white gold. The ring is designed to fit around my engagement ring. Tom's ring is a 6mm yellow gold ring. He wanted something simple. I was originally going to get a simple band, but because my hands are so small (I wear a size 5!) combined with the sale, my diamond ring is about the same price as the simple band. Tom was going to get a narrower band, but the sale permitted him to get the wider band that he wanted.

I promise that I will have better pictures of the rings once we physically have them. My ring is on special order and is not expected to arrive until May (good thing we didn't wait last minute to order), Tom's ring is in, but we put it on layaway until we can pay it off. Now that we have rings, the wedding seems even more real. I had a definite "bride" moment when I watched Tom try different rings on.


  1. congrats!! Getting the rings is def. a big deal, and they look fantastic! Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. That is a very clever way to get you back into the store to purchase more jewelry. I've never heard of you having to have it inspected every 6 months to keep a warranty? Must be something new. I really like your wedding band!

  3. @Caren- The six month thing is fairly standard with most jewelry stores. Most jewelry stores only do it with diamonds, but some also cover gemstones. The deal is you bring the ring in every six months to have it inspected, and if between inspections a diamond falls out or is damaged, the jewelry store will replace the diamond for free. I'm sure it is also a gimmick to get people back to the store to see more jewelry, but in this case it worked out because it gave me the opportunity to take advantage of a sale.