Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Hair

Jenny, age 2
My hair took forever to grow. My mom has told me stories about how she would dress me up in a yellow dress, and people would still assume I was a boy. I didn't have my first hair cut until I was almost three years old. My younger sister had her first hair cut shortly after. I am happy to report that once my hair decided to start growing, it made up for the first few years, and then some.

For as long I as I can remember, I've had long hair. When I say long, I mean at least below my shoulders, usually about halfway down my back. I have had short hair twice, short hair being defined as chin length. At first I welcomed the change, then I quickly decided that I did not like it. I love how versatile long hair is. I can leave it down, ponytail, braid, head band, barrettes, the whole gamut. On fancy occasions, I have even been known to take a curling iron to it.

I look like a dork
As far as color goes, my hair likes to march to the beat of it's own drummer. When I was really little, it was a dirty blonde, as I've gotten older it has darkened a little, but I do not quite consider myself a brunette. I'm not a blonde either. I have always had reddish highlights, and on a couple of occasions I've dyed my hair auburn. In my teens, I hated the color, as an adult, I've come to accept it.

The one downside, MAJOR downside to my hair is that it is baby fine. If I don't wash it every day, it goes flat and looks oily. As far as hair products go, I can only use hairspray, and only certain brands of that. Otherwise, my hair is weighed down and looks limp and icky. My hair also refuses to hold curls for more than an hour or so. In terms of wearing it down, I can get about two hours out of it until it becomes stringy, so I have to carry a hair brush with me (thank goodness for the ones that fold!). I love my hair, it's just a bit high maintenance.

I really don't want to be messing my hair on my wedding day. Between being the center of attention of a hundred or so guests, and the frequent camera flashes, stringy hair really is not much of a option either. My standby solution to this dilemma is to just get a total updo. This is what I've done for prom and other weddings I've attended. It has worked thus far, so why change something that works. It's also become quite a game for me to pull out all the bobby pins at the end of the night. My record is 47 bobby pins and a hair elastic, which held my hair up for my friend Jennie's wedding. I was a bridesmaid. My "usual" is a classic French twist with a couple of "spaghetti strings" in the front (it's the closest I can get to curls). For our wedding, I decided to go a little different. Still doing the total updo, but after looking at hundreds of wedding hair pictures online, I decided that I want loops. Tons of loops.


I gave the above pictures to the spa that the girls are going to get ready at on the morning of the wedding. The lady that I spoke to told me that it should not be a problem to put my hair up in a similar way, and she went on to explain that they have a stylist at the salon that specializes in this type of updo! She also explained that it takes a lot of hair to be able to do an updo like this, but that I should not have a problem. My hair trial is going to be this summer, so we will see how everything goes.

How do you want to/ how did you wear your hair on your wedding day? Did you have a pre-wedding hair trial?


  1. my hair is kind of like yours...very fine and thin. A lot of the pictures I took to my stylist just did NOT look the same at all because Ididn't have enough hair to make it look as full ya know? that's awesome that they have someone who specializes in that type of hairstyle though. Just make sure you try a bunch of different styles at your trial!

  2. Thank you for the tips! Hopefully the stylist will be able to find something that looks good in my hair :D