Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Booked a Spa!

Last month, Tom and I went to a bridal show. One of the featured vendors was a local day spa. They were giving free mineral make-up demonstrations, so I decided to give it a try. The end result was the appearance of flawless skin. For me, this is huge. We'll just say that my teen-aged years were not very kind to my complexion. On top of that, the spa offered a bridal area where the bride and the bridesmaids could get ready for the big day. I was intrigued and took a brochure with the intention of giving them a call in the near future.

Well, I called them on Wednesday, and set up an appointment to visit the spa this past Thursday. I've never been inside a spa, and I think my jaw hit the floor when I walked in. The place is gorgeous, yet incredibly calming. Soft music is playing throughout, there are couches and comfy chairs throughout. It just looks like the kind of place you would want to hang out for a significant amount of time. I met with their consultant, she gave me a tour of the entire spa, including the bridal area, which consists of two dressing rooms and a large sitting area. The way it works is this, if the bride books a bridal package, than she and her bridal party can get ready in the bridal area for no charge. The consultant even offered to set up my bridesmaid's tea for me in the sitting room. The photographer is more than welcome to come to the spa to take pictures of the bride getting ready, and my florist can deliver our flowers to the front desk. It just works out perfectly. Then the best part, the prices are extremely reasonable. I booked two packages for myself the same day to reserve the bridal area, and Tom and I decided that we are going to book appointments for our mothers as a wedding gift. My bridesmaids are more than welcome to book services as well, and several are going to join me for a "spa day" on the Thursday before the wedding.

As for my services? The Thursday before the wedding, I'm going to have a massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure. Then the day of, I am going to have my hair and make-up done. This is going to be my first time ever at a spa, and to say that I'm excited is actually quite the understatement.

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  1. what a fantastic treat! That's such a good idea, you're going to have an awesome time and such a good thing to do right before the wedding!