Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Finally Did It

I interrupt this seemingly regularly scheduled snow storm for an important announcement. I ordered my dress. The dress. It should be at the bridal shop in between 12 and 18 weeks Alfred Angelo style 2086 in ivory with Victorian lilac trim. To say that I'm excited would be a bit of an understatement. The picture to the left does not do the dress justice. The jewels, the metallic embroidery, the flow, I love it.

I have been wanting to order my dress since Thanksgiving, but one thing after another came up and prevented me from doing so. Life does that. Fortunately, as Tom keeps telling me, everything works out in the end. I asked the seamstress back in November when I would have to have the dress ordered in order to have the alterations done in time. She told me the end of February. Tom and I then made it our goal to have the deposit by the end of January. Last week, my mom found out that she would be finished work an hour and a half early on Friday. We decided to use the extra time to our advantage and headed to the bridal shop to order my dress. I was ready. I had my purple shoes, my long-line bra, and my handmade veil in tow. We got to the bridal shop, and several minutes later they were lacing me into my dress.

No veil, but this is me in the sample of my dress
Did I mention that I made my veil? Ivory, bridal illusion, single-tiered and cathedral length. I put it together one evening. It is really quite simple to do. My goal was to have a veil that extended just beyond the train of my dress. When I tried the veil on at home, it seemed way too long, but I wanted to try it on with my dress before adjusting the length. Good thing I waited. The seamstress had my put my veil on, and it only needed to be trimmed a couple of inches. Then to my surprise, the seamstress pulled out a pair of scissors and trimmed my veil to perfectly match the curve of my dress. I was really impressed with her willingness to go above and beyond. I also appreciated the opportunity to see myself in my veil and dress. I wish I took a picture, but I guess everyone will just have to wait until my dress comes in. I'll post some pictures of just my veil in a later post. ;)

Anyways, I also want to thank everyone for the kind comments to my previous post. I am going to start allowing my personality, and life, to come out a bit in my posts. I will also continue to post my DIY projects as they come up.

Until next time!

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