Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Colors

About a year ago, when Tom and I first started planning our wedding, we were still in Kansas City, and we were looking at getting married in a rose garden. We were going to have an evening event with the theme "A Midsummer's Night Dream" and we wanted our colors to be dark purple, silver, and black. Then we moved to Maine. Our ceremony went from evening to afternoon, and our rose garden turned into a Civil War era fort surrounded by ocean. Things needed to change. The funny thing is, we never sat back down and discussed a theme or colors, they just sort of, happened.

I should begin by saying that Tom and I both like purple. It's our favorite color. Tom is a bit more subtle with his love for the color, I'm borderline obsessed. So, purple was a given as one of our wedding colors. That being said, the first change I made was to the shade of purple that we would be using. Our wedding ceremony is taking place at 4 in the afternoon. I did not think that a dark purple would be appropriate for attire at that time of day, but I did not want a pastel. I took some inspiration from our venue, and decided to look for a "washed out" or "weathered" purple. I came up with a color that Alfred Angelo calls "Victorian lilac." I went dress shopping with my mom a couple weeks later and saw "Victorian lilac" in person, and fell in love. Speaking of dress shopping, that is where another color came from, ivory. I thought I wanted a white dress, but ivory just looks better with my skin tone. Subsequently, everything else that would have been white has been changed to ivory, and it is also the color of the majority of our stationary.

Celadon green became an accent color after I met with the florist and discovered green hydrangeas. I love the coloring, they are in season in September, and they compliment lavender roses nicely. We chose celadon because it fits in with our "washed out" or "weathered" palette. We also have brushed silver as an accent color for things like our cake topper and serving set, which more or less carried over from our original wedding colors. As for the dark purple, the color I was originally trying to steer away from, it sort of snuck back in, as an accent color. At first I was concerned about having two different shades of purple, but I think they compliment nicely.

What colors are you using for your wedding?

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