Friday, November 12, 2010

Vistaprint love

I got an e-mail from Vistaprint a couple weeks ago that stated that items in my design portfolio would be expiring soon and that I needed to order them or they would be deleted. Not wanting to lose out on the Welcome Brochures that I spent the better part of an evening designing, I immediately dug through my e-mails and the coupons in my wedding planner to see what I could find. I like to think of myself as a good shopper, but this time, even I think I out did myself.

First things first, I ordered my brochures for out-of-town guests. I will probably post more about these when they come in, but basically they contain a welcome message from me and Tom, as well as useful information about the area. I got 25 of them for free with a coupon with a $2.50 photo upload fee.

As a general rule when ordering stuff from the internet or a catalog, you want to order as much as you can each time, because it's substantially cheaper to ship one big box instead of three or four little ones. So I looked into what else I could add.

I made postcards to put in my out-of-town bags with directions to Fort Popham so that guests could have the directions close at hand while they are driving. With a coupon, I got 100 for free. Then I made another personalized pen for the guest book. I'm hoping to order a free pen with each Vistaprint order so that I have a bunch. I also ordered a personalized tote bag that says "The Future Mrs. *insert new last name here*" with our wedding date, of course, that was free too.

Finally, I made invitations for my bridesmaid's tea (more on this later), and got ten of those for free too. So, for anyone keeping count, I got everything for $2.50 plus $9.00 shipping. That's $11.50 total. I couldn't make this stuff for that price.

Just in case that wasn't enough, I also ordered a wedding sample pack so that I can have physical samples of all their wedding products. I can't wait until my orders come in, I love getting packages of wedding stuff in the mail!


  1. Oh my word. Vista print is the way to go for printing needs! LOVE that you got such a great deal! Good luck with all of your wedding plans!

  2. Now that is a good deal! I am very impressed.
    Came over from SITS to say hi!