Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tom and I would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my side of the family this year at my grandmother's house. It will be Tom's first time meeting my extended family.

This post is slightly different than previous posts in that it has very little to do with our upcoming wedding. I am a member of a blogging community, and their featured blogger last week was Eof737 from the blog Mirth and Motivation she wrote a post about "How to Show Gratitude Before Thanksgiving Day" and I really liked the content of it, as a result, I tried my hand at one of her blogging suggestions. Before I get to that, I just want to be honest with everyone and explain that this post was written last Saturday (11/20) and I decided to have it post on Thanksgiving since I figured I would too busy with family to actually log on and post.

Without further ado, 10 things that I am grateful for.

  1. My fiancĂ© Tom. We have been friends for almost 12 years, and he has stood by my side through everything. We have been a couple for almost two years, and I can honestly say they have been the best two years of my life. This is the first time in a long time that I can say that I am looking forward to my future.
  2. My family. I have been around long enough to realize that not everyone has the luxury of a loving family that they want to spend time with. The first time Tom met my mom, step-dad, and sister, he compared us to the Waltons. My extended family is pretty cool too. I am blessed.
  3. My friends. These people are right up there with my family, they are definitely some of the best people around, and I would do anything for them. 
  4. My pets. I just recently redesigned my blog, and added a whole tab about our "kids." We have one dog and two kitties, and they are some of the biggest joy of my life. There is something about the look in their eyes when they look at you, or the softness of a kitty when they jump into bed with you purring, or the excitement of my puppy when we play games; it just warms my heart. 
  5. My health. So many people that I know are affected by cancer and other illness. Our health is something that everyone seems to take for granted until something horrible happens. I am thankful for the health of myself, my family, and my friends.
  6. The love of my parents. If it wasn't for my parents sharing their home with us, I have no idea where we would be right now. There are simply not words to express my gratitude towards them.
  7. The country that I live in. I don't consider myself overly patriotic, and don't even get me started on my political views. Truth be told, there are some truly awful places to live in this world, places with rampent illness, war, and extreme poverty. We are given an education, our homes have power, the water that comes from our pipes is safe to drink, and we can go to the local market to purchase food without fear of serious bodily injury. 
  8. Nature's beauty. Whenever life gets me down, I like to go for a walk. There is something awe inspiring and soothing about the outdoors, whether it be a simply walk through the woods, or the opportunity to stand beside the ocean. I have driven from Maine to Missouri and back again twice, and the thing that stands out the most out of both trips is the landscapes.
  9. Love. The Beatle's said it best, "All you need is love, love, love is all you need."
  10. Laughter. My mantra is if you can't laugh at yourself, what do you truly have? Life is too short to be taken seriously. I am grateful for my ability to smile in the face of adversity, and make the most out of bad situations. Tom has always made it his personal goal to make me laugh when I was upset. Could you imagine how wonderful the world would be if everyone acted this way?
That is my list. What are you thankful for?

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