Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wedding Recaps- The Sunday Morning After

I have been assured by my photographer that my DVD of wedding pictures is in the mail, so I am going to skip ahead to the post-wedding events for a couple of posts before going back to the day of.

Sunday started with a Sunday morning brunch with our wedding party and my mother-in-law at our reception venue. I had previously made arrangements, so they reserved a space for us. It was a nice, quiet morning with good food and company that ended with teary good byes as everyone went their separate ways home. Tom and I packed up our car and his mother's car with left over decorations from our reception and we headed over to my mother's house for our gift opening.

My mom's family has a tradition of decorating a fake Christmas tree with wedding decorations with all the wedding gifts underneath, so I was not surprised at all to walk into the living room to find this: 

I should remember that purple, green, silver, and ivory make for a gorgeous Christmas tree... 

After our gift opening, and some left over wedding cake, we opted to enjoy a final day in Maine with Tom's mother and nephews before they drove back to Kansas City, so we drove to Camden to visit Mt. Battie. Camden is one of my favorite parts of the state, it is where mountains reach the ocean and the views are just gorgeous. We drove right up Mt. Battie, the boys had a blast climbing the stone tower at the top. 

The View
Tom's  OUR nephews at the top of the stone tower
My husband
After driving down the mountain, we stopped at Moody's Diner for dinner before saying good-bye. Overall, it was a bittersweet day. It was sad to see our friends and family go, but nice to spend a day relaxing after the wedding and have our apartment to ourselves. 

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