Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wedding Recaps- Portraits

Our Wedding Portrait
I decided to conclude the wedding recaps with a few of our wedding portraits. Our photographers used the photojournalist style, so the overwhelming majority of our pictures are candids. They did pose us for a couple of shots, but even then, some of the best pictures were taken when we did not realize that we were on camera. I asked the photographers to take full advantage of the architecture of the fort.  They did not disappoint.

Our families, believe it or not, this is mostly parents, with one uncle, a sister, a brother, and two nephews
Our wedding party, we almost got all three boys to look at the camera 
Three generations, my grandmother, me, and my mom

The groom, and his groomsmen (and groomswoman!)
A candid shot of my bridesmaids, I love this picture
Our fort
Kiss me!

All pictures copyright of Classic Photographers, used with permission.

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