Monday, August 23, 2010

A Little Over a Year to Go

According to various websites and other sources, I'm supposed to be "cherishing my engagement" because it is "such a special time." Truth be told, by the time I walk the aisle, we will have been engaged for approximately 18 months. I've cherished the first six months of my engagement, but, quite frankly, the next year can hurry itself up. I'm ready to be a newlywed, you could even say I'm chomping at the bit. With a little over a year to go, I have found, and confirmed, my ceremony location. I have also found a tentative reception venue, florist, DJ, and photographer. The word tentative is applied because I have yet to pay my deposit. I have also picked out THE dress, it's just a matter of putting 50% down to have it ordered, which I have plenty of time to do. I didn't expect to completely fall in love with the second dress I tried on. Since time is definitely on my side in terms of planning, and the calendar doesn't seem to want to pass by any faster, I've taken on the task if "DIY-ing" pretty much everything that I can. As of now, I have hand-painted our monogram on my aisle runner, created a unity candle set, wove a flower girl basket, hand-painted a sign for the wedding, and beaded my wedding jewelry. With that under my belt, I still have a ring bearer's pillow to sew, bridesmaid's jewelry to make, favors and centerpieces to put together, and the daunting task of wedding stationary... invitations, programs, etc. I'm hoping to use this blog as a place to post about my projects, as well as an opportunity to express my excitement and vent my frustrations about wedding planning. Hopefully, someone will find my words useful, and if not, I guess I'll have a nice keepsake for when everything is done.


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